Welcome to my little hub of homemade comics. My name is Ryan and I'm a 21 year old from Baltimore, Maryland. I'm a senior studying Graphic Design and Illustration at MICA.

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27th September 2012



Hey guys!

I know I haven’t really been around the passed two months but if you’re interested seeing what I’ve been up to I just got onto dribbble. So check it out!


Also, if any of you have one let me know and I’d love to check out your work too!

Hopefully a new comic will come around soon. Sorry again. I miss you guys!

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12th September 2012


I’m not dead.

Just saying in case you were wondering.

School is just killing my time instead.

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18th August 2012


Sorry I’ve been gone for 2 weeks!

I’ve been living up the end of Summer, I’m in Disney World, and I’m moving into my apartment following my return, so hopefully a new comic isn’t too far away.

Of course, I do update TwitterInstagram, (and everything else) with stuff so check that out and say hi if you’d like.

MIss you guys and thanks so much for your patience!

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6th August 2012



Comic artist Ryan Selvy’s awkward little moments

I got interviewed by TheDailyDot and the story is up on their site. Go check it out and tell me what you think! Also, a special thanks to staff writer Fernando Alfonso III for working with me and writing a great story!

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6th June 2012


Want to hear how I sound? Well, my first audio interview is up and public! I singled out the part with me just for convenience, but if you’d like to hear the entire episode head over to the Panel Pals Comics’ website.

Thanks again to the Panel Pals, and hope you enjoy the interview!

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7th May 2012


It’s Summer Break!

Which means more time for more comics at obscure times about obscure topics.

It’s gonna be a good Summer!

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30th April 2012




Waited a little bit to announce it in order to build up a little portfolio, but if you’d like to take a look into weird sketches I do outside of the comics or just take a look at personal me feel free to follow me. Of course my username is RyanSelvy! See you there!

And as usual, I’d love to talk to you guys through facebook or any other service I use

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17th April 2012



"Ryan Selvy, Illustrator" on CatsLikeScotch

Brittany Clemens, a photographer for Crooked Creek Records, was kind enough to contact me and ask if I was willing to conduct an interview for a feature on her blog. A little while and several e-mails later I’m proud to link to my very first interview! 

Let me know what you think on facebook or through my inbox.

A big thanks to Brittany, and everyone who follows the tumblr for all of your support.

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5th December 2011


MICA Finals For Next Two Weeks

Keep an eye on the facebook page for any updates.

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26th November 2011


Angry there weren't any new comics this week?

Vent your rage by checking out all the new comics I liked on my facebook page! I personally read all of them so they somewhat relate to my work. So check them out!

All new updates coming to you next week!

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